You’ve been in sales for a while, and you’re ready to move up in your career. Your background is stacked with solid work experience. You have your references listed out and you’ve written a pitch-worthy cover letter. You should be taking your pick of sales manager jobs, but the phone just isn’t ringing.

Most companies hiring sales managers are shuffling through hundreds of applicants. In order to be chosen for an interview, you need to be great – but you need to be noticed first.

Consider these six ways to beef up your candidacy and step into the spotlight.

Sharpen Your Online Presence. 
Create a portfolio of successful campaigns you’ve sold, and testimonials about your work. Blog about industry shifts in the world of business. Maintain a business-worthy social media pages stuffed with “salesy” infographics and sharp-shooting content. Be sure photos and content attached to your name are those you wouldn’t be afraid to display in front of an interviewer.

Boast Your Certifications. It may be a no-brainer to list every certificate and accolade you’ve ever received on a resume “just in case,” but this is often overlooked. Sales-related certs are clearly preferential. However, even if you’ve got a certification in something seemingly unrelated, it may catch a wave. For example, you may have a certification in CSS or HTML which leads perfectly into a tech-heavy, e-commerce sales manager job. Don’t rule anything out.

Engage in Side Projects. Do you run a really successful Etsy account to sell your knitted booties? Have you created some sales collateral for a friend’s photography outfit? If you’re spending off-work time, paid or unpaid, sharpening your skills and making a difference, hiring bodies want to know. This represents you as multifaceted, current, and dedicated.

Try an Unconventional Resume. Shirked by some traditional firms, unconventional resumes are becoming the latest trend for many job seekers. Using infographic software or other portfolio templates, designing an interactive web CV, or just getting crafty with font might be too much for some hiring managers but others lie in wait for your breath of fresh air. Keep a standard doc on file and feel out the company before sending your resume 2.0.

Explore & Tout Continuing Education. College is pricey. Not everyone has the time and funds to continue to pursue degrees. However, taking the occasional weekend class on communication, graphic design, or anything productive is going to show hiring entities just how ambitious you are. Stagnation is rarely sought.

Express Your Industry Awareness. Staying current in the world of sales will not only help you to appear knowledgeable and adept in an interview, but could actually help you to score one. By attending networking events, joining organizations, and even tweeting industry news, you demonstrate both a passion for your field and a relevance that other candidates might be neglecting.

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