Product managers lead the charge when it comes to innovation, development, and dispersal of the products your company thrives upon. Is it any wonder that most executives like yourself are searching only for the top-performing product managers to hire?

Your team may have already agreed on a requisite level of education or number of years in the business, but what about the qualitative measures of performance? Which traits and characteristics will your ideal product manager embody, and how will you know?

We’ve compiled the top four – of many – essential qualities a top performing product manager must have.

Focused. Look for a product manager candidate who demonstrates a proven ability to prioritize tasks and time, complete projects succinctly, and attack tomorrow with repeat ambition. Your product manager will very likely be responsible for leading a team of specialists, as well as collaborating with vendors and higher-ups. Make sure they know how to keep the target in view.

Test it: Ask your candidate to share a time they redirected a teammate to stay on-task.

Confident. When proposing ideas and acting as a leader, a product manager must maintain confidence. Not to be confused with arrogant, the candidate should exercise humility alongside a surety and eagerness to press forward.

Test it: Ask the candidate to reflect on a time where they had to exude confidence in the face of doubt.

Communicative. A product manager must be clear and concise when communicating ideas and moving prototypes through the process. Usually a multidepartment liaison, this candidate must be comfortable and skilled in this aspect.

Test it: Encourage your candidate to explain why good communication is important.

Innovative. Ideas are high-value currency in the world of product management. Your candidate cannot simply rehash the brilliant output of others before them. Creativity and an ability to think beyond the obvious are required.

Test it: Invite your candidate to share their recent successful idea or innovation, as well as a time when one didn’t work out.

In your search for the just-right product manager candidate, it is important to seek a balanced combination of the right stuff. An overflowing excellence in one facet or trait rarely compensates for a deficit in another.

Tip the scales in your favor and settle into the certainty that your next Product Manager will be top notch. Collaborate with a premier staffing agency and entrust the experts at RHM Technical, a RodgersHouder Company to hire a top-performing product manager for you.


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