Whether you’ve just finished your undergraduate degree in quality engineering or you’re a seasoned quality engineer seeking your next move, you are probably scouring boards and throwing your resume around wherever you can.

You determine whether you’ve got the experience, education, or certification required for the position. However, don’t forget that you should also be appraising and evaluating the companies and vacancies to which you apply.

Not every job you can apply to is a great fit for your needs. We’ve rounded up the major red flags to look for when sizing up a posting. Note these to ensure that you’re not wasting your time applying for the wrong quality engineering position.

Red Flag 1: Inadequate Career Move

It may be obvious to you NOT to apply for a job for which you are not qualified. If the posting requires a master’s degree and you’ve just finished your associate, you know better than to apply. But, what about being overqualified? Be sure that the posts for which you apply are a step in the right direction by allowing you to move up in your career and stay on track to reach your career goals.

Red Flag 2: Insufficient Benefits

Quality engineering positions usually range from $55,000 to $94,000. As such, you should be sure that the salary and other proffered benefits for a given position are in line with what you expect to make. Being unrealistic in your expectations, whether too high or too low, could land you in a job that won’t work for your lifestyle or suit your needs.

Red Flag 3: Undesirable Company Culture

Do you like a leisurely working environment or one that’s more demanding & fast paced? Do you like being part of a team or are you a lone wolf? These answers have likely already played into your career choice. However, being a quality engineer at a busy, collaborative company may be very different from doing the same work in a casual or independent environment.

Red Flag 4: Improper Location or Travel Requirement

Some applicants are open to moving anywhere in the country for the right job. Are you? Keeping an open mind about job location will increase your chances of hire, but it also may land you in the wrong spot. Overlooking this detail may get you to round three of interviews before realizing you’re wasting time.

Also ask yourself whether or not you are willing to travel for work and how often. Many quality engineering jobs do not require travel, but some do. Often, this is indicated in the posting, but if not, it is important to ask.

The Takeaway

In the job-seeking world, applicants aren’t the only ones who should be thoroughly assessed. We recommend that job seekers take a good look at postings before applying for or accepting a position. To be expertly matched with positions that fit your specific goals & desires, work with a Staffing Agency that knows the ins and outs of quality engineering and your needs. Contact the staffing experts at RHM Technical, a RodgersHouder Company today

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