Millennials – those born from 1981-1996 – get a bad rap as being tech-dependent oversharers who are lazy, entitled, or unfocused. With so many mythical buzzwords surrounding the millennial generation – in and out of the workforce – is it any wonder that many employers began shying away from hiring them?

Lately, however, there has been an uptake of hiring this young, fresh gaggle of gadgetty go-getters. But, why?

Where some are tech-dependent, others are tech-naturalized and able to utilize, troubleshoot, or invent technology that Gen-X may not. Where a handful may be lazy or unfocused, a great deal are entrepreneurial, guided by inspiration, and at-home in the creative sphere – innovators.

Consider the three main reasons to add one – or a few – millennials to your team as detailed below:

  1. The Newness

Many employers reject the millennial subset for fear that they’re too inexperienced. The truth is, many institutions of higher learning – and even high schools – require far more hands-on experience as part of graduation & certification requirements than ever before. The lack of experience employers are perceiving is often a bit skewed.

Also, a recent completion of a degree or other continuing education is evidence that said education is up-to-the-minute relevant and infused with modern ideology, not to mention fresh in the minds of your youthful candidates.

  1. The Hunger

    Millennials are hungry. Not just for money or prestige, as many baby boomers were thought to be. Our new adults are also driven for purpose, growth, and attainment of conscientious goals. They’re not burnt out yet, so their brains are packed with actionable suggestions, innovation, and timely approaches. Having not tried and failed as much as seasoned vets, they have a distinct energy for asking “why not?”

    New graduates and young people are just starting out, looking for an excellent place to jump into their career. Because more millennials chose their field of work out of passion and skill than expectation, availability, or following in their parents’ footsteps (as previous generations were wont to do), they’re ready to get their hands dirty and they’re actually less likely to bail and try something different.

  2. The Sociality

Millennials are always on their phones, tweeting and texting and tagging, right? Maybe. However, the perception that this renders them unable to communicate offline is a myth. Millennials are highly collaborative and team-focused in the workplace, open and able to work with any colleague, judgement free.

Their prowess online makes them networking geniuses with a digital Rolodex of useful contacts. Sharing a crib with the Internet made most of them hyper-aware of reputation and keen to the right and wrong kinds of exposure. They’re clued into global and domestic affairs and pertinent issues, too.
As you peruse resumes looking for your next hire, consider the millennial applicant. His or her ideas, energy, and savvy will surprise you. To get connected with hundreds of fitting, young applicants for your open or anticipated positions, skim social media or collaborate with an equally fresh staffing agency. Contact the staffing experts at RHM Technical, a RodgersHouder Company today

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