Does your company have a learning culture? You can prevent stagnation, boost your employees’ workflow, and better suit your clientele with a healthy culture of learning. Your learning culture can be built upon at any time but it is important to first determine what yours looks like and where it could be improved. Ask yourself these questions.

What is Your Process for Onboarding Training?

The first impression a new employee will have of your company’s learning culture (and culture in general) is in training. Do you start your employees off with a rigorous multi-week orientation? Or, are you more hands-off, assuming that if the employee is qualified to do the job, he or she won’t need much hand-holding?

Consider this: Solid training for new employees will not reduce their independence or waste your time. A well-oriented employee will have fewer questions and feel more established in the company from day 1.

Do You Offer Support or Reimbursement for Continuing Education?

Ideally, we would all have employees with Master’s Degrees and above, right? A Bachelor’s degree is a great start, but more education is never a bad thing.

If you have an employee who has the drive to hit the books, do what you can to help. Tuition reimbursement isn’t in the budget for all companies but any kind of support for the employee-scholar will go a long way toward benefitting as a company from what he or she learns.

Do Your Teams Attend Conferences & Workshops?

Did you send your crew to the Automation Conference in Chicago last May? There are plenty of workshops nationwide to choose from and conferences like these add huge benefit to your firm. First, they are usually engaging and fun which can refresh your veteran employees. Also, they’re highly educational and packed with the latest information in the field. Shell out to send your employees to an event and watch their ideas & attitudes soar.

Do You Consistently Adopt New Technology & Processes?

Are your policy manuals yellowing in a file from the nineties? Are your computers running on Windows XP from the early Millennium? Maybe you’re mostly upgraded but you haven’t implemented anything new lately. Consider bringing in some new technology, a new software, or a new procedure.

Choosing something that your employees can grow with will keep them sharp and also grease the cogs of your already well-oiled machine.

Is There An Instructional Component to Your Team Meetings?

When your team gets together – weekly or monthly – do you debrief and get back to work, or do you add value to the experience? We recommend giving your staff something to chew on every time you meet. You can rotate and have your employees present something new to the team to keep everyone masterful and moving forward.

For more tips on how to improve your learning culture and motivate your employees, partner up with a recruitment firm who specializes in staff engagement and HR consulting. Contact the staffing experts at RHM Technical, a RodgersHouder Company today!

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