The Holiday season can feel like the worst time to get things done. However, for December graduates and job swappers, ‘Tis the Season for job seeking.

We’ve gathered the top tips for moving onto a new job despite the tumult of the holidays. Follow this advice and you could be decking the halls of a new office very soon.

Be Proactive

Your job search is in your hands during the holiday season, now more than ever. Fewer companies will be scouting for the best resumes because at the end of the year, time is of the essence and focuses lie elsewhere. Try this:

  • Apply by strictly following their guidelines
    Don’t make hirers search all over for your erroneously submitted info. Don’t get shut out because of failure to follow directions.


  • Make a call and send an email simultaneously unless the posting specifies not to
    If the posting specifically states not to call, don’t. However, if it doesn’t, it may do no harm to reach out. We recommend emailing alongside a call. Likely, you will get voicemail. An email affords your message a greater likelihood of being noticed.

If the company is actively hiring, they will appreciate the extra step and see that you’re serious about getting hired as well.

Get Social

Following & interacting with your desired company(ies) on social media is a great way to show extra interest while saving them a step. If you follow the firm and send a shout out on Facebook or Twitter, the hiring manager will notice your rigor in the application process and also spend less time searching for your profiles in their screening process.

Exhibit Flexibility

A flexible candidate is a valuable one when time is limited during the holidays. Companies will appreciate that you are willing to bend your agenda in order to suit theirs. Hiring bodies will take your flexibility as a sign of intent and follow-through which are good marks for your candidacy. Try this:

  • Be willing to interview when and how the company prefers
  • Show openness to take on a less-formal temp role in order to get started quicker
  • Consider a contract opportunity– really show that you want it at any cost

Your flexibility will be rewarded when you interview sooner and begin making money right away.

Stay Patient

Many companies post engineering jobs for 2016 during the holidays. This ensures that when everyone is back in-office at the start of the year, a fresh pile of resumes will be waiting for review. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not plucked for an interview during this frenzied time of year. Be sure to follow up when the holidays are over, to reiterate your interest.

Bonus Tip

Work with a Staffing Agency that specializes in engineering candidates and the companies who hire them.  During the bustle that overarches the holidays, many firms will work with a recruiting agency to outsource the pain of HR. By collaborating with those recruiters, you can be on the receiving end of these efforts and climb your way to the top. Contact the staffing experts at RHM Technical, a RodgersHouder Company today.

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