Remember why you became an engineer. You had a passion for mathematics, science, technology, or mechanics. Something about the field sparked a desire for you to succeed through rigorous schooling and to move through all of your work experiences to get where you are. Once upon a time, you decided to embark on a journey through the field of engineering, and all of a sudden you’re unhappy. Is it you, or is it the job? Compare these surefire signs against your experience to determine whether it’s time for you to switch jobs.

Warning: Your Work Experience is Unfavorable

Going to work is a chore – something you dread.  Perhaps you feel dispassionate about what you are doing or your work performance has been less-than-ideal. You may find yourself at-odds with those you work with to the point of harassment or abuse. You’re being mistreated or you would rather just avoid your colleagues.

You may be realizing you don’t buy into the company culture, and worse, you may be chastised for it. Maybe your skills are being wasted in a role that doesn’t suit your specializations or expertise. Worse yet, you may be working more and more all the time and finding the pay hasn’t increased to meet your new responsibilities.

You may have thought for a while that this is just how it is. You knew engineering could be a challenging career, and you’ve had yourself convinced you needed to just “deal with it.” Maybe that isn’t the answer. Maybe it’s time for a new job.

Warning: Your Work-Life Balance Is Off

You come home unhappy and feel sour toward your family. Maybe you’re not home much at all because the boss has you in-office for far beyond the acceptable hours, even for overtime. You don’t sleep or eat well due to the stress of work. You don’t have time to – or don’t want to – enjoy the activities outside of work which once brought you joy. Your house isn’t the home it once was because you don’t have the time you need to tidy up, tend your garden, or relax. Perhaps it isn’t just a few extra hours of work or the general demands of life. It could be your job.

Warning: It’s All Weighing on You

Stress is eating at you to the point of physical exhaustion or ailment. You’ve grown tired. Your personal relationships are strained by your negative moods and you hate getting up every morning because work comes next. Your attitude and gusto isn’t what it used to be, and you’re finding a distaste for engineering – something you know you care about. Maybe it isn’t you. Maybe it isn’t the career. Perhaps, it’s the job you’re in.

If you are ready to switch jobs and rekindle your passion for engineering, partner up with a staffing representative who will listen to your needs and match you with a job that you’ll love. Let us find your next great engineering position – today! Contact the staffing experts at RHM Technical, a RodgersHouder Company today.

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