Some hiring managers argue that end of year (EOY) is the worst time to go hard on hiring efforts. Between the distraction of the holidays and Q4 being a time to tidy up administrative and internal processes to prepare for the upcoming new year, there’s just no time.

Yet unsung, the benefits of focusing hiring efforts in Q4 include first dibs on next year’s best hires, the opportunity to informally scout for talent, and the potential to hire a contractor who becomes your best hire in Q1 2016. Consider the following reasons to hire your next superstar right away.

You want the best. So does every other company.

To be at the forefront of your industry and to ensure well-oiled cogs on the inside, you need a strong team. This isn’t a trade secret, so your competitors are scouting for supreme talent, too. The second you put down the binoculars, you could miss out on a dynamic potential team member. Not only is this a loss for your company but – even during the off-season – this could mean major recruitment nirvana for your competitors. Better to keep your eye on the ball.

Your company may not need new associates yet. You will soon.

In the midst of holiday vacations (and the subsequent absentee team), EOY tax preparations, and internal hubbub, why add another thing to your plate? You have the holidays down as your busy months, but you don’t know what 2016 will bring! Maybe you’re covered for December and the start of January. You don’t need a new employee for weeks. Don’t start looking when you need someone. Scout now for the best talent and start the talk so that by mid-January, you’re training your new superstar. This way, you can take your time. Don’t forget: You can always keep the process rolling with a trusted recruiter.

Your company may need some help now. This is a great trial period!

Q4 is a great time to take on a temporary hire or a contractor. They may be seeking permanent work elsewhere or may just be looking to make some holiday money. You can determine the needs of your company and choose temps who fit the bill. If you’ll be ready to take on someone permanent next year, this is a great time to initiate a contract-to-hire situation. If you just need some extra help, a reputable staffing firm can help you find a candidate looking for just that.

To be put in touch with candidates who are at-the-ready to interview as temporary contractors or full-time employees, or to merely to see who’s out there looking for 2016, collaborate with a staffing agency who doesn’t quit when December hits. Contact the staffing experts at RHM Technical, a RodgersHouder Company today!

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